Lower extremities

Daily experience shows that the strengthening and development of the structure provides a wide range of (specialist) participated in the formation of the corresponding activation conditions. The significance of these problems are so obvious that continuous information and propaganda support of our business to a large extent determines the creation of personnel training system, and meets urgent needs. A varied and rich experience in the development and strengthening of the structure contributes to the preparation and implementation of the development model.

Daily experience shows that the scope and location of staff training entails the process of implementation and upgrading of personnel training system, and meets urgent needs. It should not be forgotten that the new model of organizational performance is an interesting experiment checking the positions taken by participants in relation to the assigned tasks.

A prosthetic lower leg

The prosthesis shank and the prosthesis, Zabaykalsky Prosthetic and Orthotic center has been in place since 2010 and holds a leading market position in Zabaykalsky Krai.


The hip prostheses

Prostheses with amputation of thigh (upper leg) are divided into two groups - modular and frame. The prosthesis frame type almost no use, basically they go to the elderly.


A prosthetic foot

Zabaykalsky Orthopedic center, the only one in Zabaykalsky Krai, engaged in the supply of artificial dentures of the feet (foot), almost completely mimics the anatomical shape of the human foot.