About us

The "Trans-Baikal limb-fitting centers" that's been going on for 6 years, persons with disabilities prove to live without restrictions - you can! And they do everything possible to help the patient to recover the maximum and to live as accustomed to how they had to hear this terrible word - amputation. Since the opening of the center's specialists helped to start a new life, already on prostheses, several hundreds of people, however, start small: there was a small shop, and then, with an increase in volume of work performed, the center began to expand.

Each patient individually suited Center: the age, anatomy, degree of activity and other characteristics of each individual.

"Trans-Baikal Prosthetic-Orthopedic Center" continues to lead their patients and after they go home with new prostheses, its specialists to address emerging technical problems, help with paperwork for new and additional technical means of rehabilitation.

On March 1, 2014, "Trans-Baikal Prosthetic-Orthopedic Center" - the official dealer of the German company «OttoBock». Today the company occupies a leading position on the world market in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, and supplies its products to more than 140 countries. Also, the "Trans-Baikal Prosthetic-Orthopedic Center" is a representative of the company «Sursil-Ortho», which offers adult and children's shoes for the prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of foot pathology.