Orthopedic salon

The feeling of flying with Autocomfort! The goods for health, rehabilitation and sport.

Orthopedic salon "Autocomfort offers a wide range of orthopedic products for health, rehabilitation and sport. Orthopedic products created with consideration to the anatomical structure of the human body, physiology of rest and motion. They prevent the development of various diseases, improve the quality of life and make it more comfortable.

In our orthopaedic store You will be able to purchase the following products:

  • Orthopedic shoes for children and adults;
  • Orthopedic insoles and foot correctors;
  • Corset belts, posture correctors;
  • Orthoses for joints, bandages;
  • Means of rehabilitation;
  • Prostheses breast lingerie after mastectomy;
  • Orthopedic pillow;
  • Tumblers and more;

Using orthopedic products You provide:

  • Proper and balanced physical development of children;
  • Prevention of injuries and diseases;
  • Reduce the risk of complications;
  • Elimination of unpleasant sensations
  • Quick rehabilitation after traumas and operations
  • In the Comfort of everyday life

Waiting for you at:
The city of Chita, Lenina street, 25

Hours of operation:
From 10:00 to 19:00 hrs, lunch break: from 14:00 to 15:00, seven days a week.

Lingerie after a mastectomy

In our salon you can buy an orthopedic bra, swimwear and other products that are made to reflect changes in the figure of a woman after mastectomy.


Orthopedic insoles custom

​Orthotics are serial and individual. The manufacture of insoles of the serial takes into account the average orthopedic pads. They are good for prevention of flat feet, the massage effect on the foot.


Orthopedic shoes

Here you will find the orthopedic products of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. Orthopedic shoes on the shelves of the salon are made only from natural materials, it is convenient, practical and modern.


Prostheses breast cancer

The breast prosthesis will enable faster and easier to adapt to new circumstances. Come to our salon! We will help you choose the products that best meet your expectations.