About us

Since 2007 in Chita began its work in Zabaykalsky rehabilitation center, which took the basis of its activities innovative rehabilitation technology and enjoyed wide popularity not only among the residents in Zabaykalsky Krai, but also other regions. Hundreds of patients successfully, under the supervision of clinical, laboratory and diagnostic tests received significant curative effect, or completely got rid of years of health problems.

In September 2016, completed a merger of OOO "TRANS-Baikal Rehabilitation Center", LLC "Zabaikalsky Prosthetic and Orthopedic Center" and now: cozy, updated situation on the basis of "Zabaykalsky Prosthetic and Orthopedic Center" the Cabinet restorative treatment is waiting for its visitors at the address: Chita, St. Anokhin, d. 43A, korp.2 (entrance from street Amur, d. 48, to the opposite Bank VTB, tel. 8 (3022)35-50-60, 8 (3022)35-22-79).

All non-resident patients Zabaykalsky prosthetic and orthotic center, located in hospital for prosthetics, all the help is free. Patients have the opportunity to eliminate all the problems associated with the pathology of the stump, resulting contractures in the limbs, and to treat a wide range of comorbidities.

Today medical procedure that is carried in our Centre is widely practiced not only in leading Russian clinics and abroad. People with such serious diseases as: hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteochondrosis, disc herniation, bronchial asthma, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, uterine fibroids and many others can now, without leaving the Zabaykalsky Krai to try an innovative treatment technology in Chita. All methods used in our Center had undergone years of clinical trials in leading departments and institutes of the Russian Federation and abroad.

ur physicians have years of experience in the practice of medicine and rehabilitation, impeccable reputation among patients as well as participants of numerous conferences and training seminars in Russia and abroad.

In the study of restorative treatment Zabaykalsky Orthopedic Center uses the following methods of treatment and diagnosis:

1. SCENAR therapy;

2. General magnetotherapy (Magnetic turbine ALMA);

3. Laser therapy and laser puncture (Apparatus MILTA);

4. The medical multilayered blanket (OLM-01);

5. Ultraviolet irradiation (UVI).

All types of medical procedures performed in our Office rehabilitation, belong to the category of regenerative medicine, had undergone years of trials in the leading Russian research centers, have a high efficiency and all permits for practical application in the Russian Federation.

Only a comprehensive approach to Wellness allows the body to find a way to manage the health of each patient!